Written By Rick Florino 2018

Casa Manana Theater became her second home in grade school singing and dancing in numerous musicals. A year later she became a part of "Casa Kids", Casa Manana's elite youth touring musical theater group. At home she would still be found choreographing dance routines to favorite albums from N*SYNC and Britney Spears before discovering Led Zeppelin and Yes via dad. At nine she embarked on an intensive classical vocal training program learning healthy vocal technique for many genres including jazz, while also learning theory and sight reading for piano. By eleven she had already landed her first talent agent in Los Angeles, and at thirteen booked a co-starring role on Nickelodeon's Unfabulous. Behind the scenes, Nova continued her passion for writing songs at her piano. At the same time, she triumphed in the face of personal struggles managing her ADHD and dyslexia by facing it head-on learning helpful methods and techniques. Relocating to Hollywood at 18, she graduated from Musicians Institute and immersed herself in the city's scene with countless sessions and live gigs in addition to a stint on Glee.

Nova has played keys/sang in multiple bands, music videos, session work, etc., including a three year gig at Six Flags Magic Mountain where she was also band leader for their top 40 band, all along trying to fund and pursue her solo project crafting her unique edgy sound. At this time, Nova Star formally came to life, self-actualizing her spirit and vision of herself.

"I legally changed my name to launch this new start," she explains. "'Nova Renay' felt like my spirit name. 'Renay' was my birth middle name, so I was able to keep part of where I came from and then added 'Nova' meaning 'new'. This was also inspired by her love for space and watching documentaries on astrophysics. "One night, they had an episode about supernovas.. Symbolically, the science of a supernova fit who I felt as an artist and described my creative process. It's an explosion of light and energy, meant to be shared and scattered across the universe."

That explosion pulled GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, recording artist, producer, and songwriter Printz Board into her orbit. Introduced by way of a mutual friend, the industry visionary jumped at the chance to not only produce for Nova, but welcome her as his Parker Lane "partner-in-crime." Now, her hypnotic vocals entwine with his on standouts "Till The End" and "Valentine" from the group's acclaimed 2018 Replay EP.

"When Printz reached out, I felt like the universe was speaking to me, because the words 'partner-in-crime' had been in my head for years," she admits. "I've wanted someone I could go to the studio with every day and be on the same wavelength as far as work ethic and vision. I heard vulnerability in the music, and it reminded me of where I came from when I was just sitting at the piano, singing my heart out. In the best way possible, he kinda hijacked my life. I've learned novels' worth from him."

Ultimately, Nova has only just begun to blast off as a force in popular music and culture. In addition to Parker Lane and new solo material, she hosts Nail The Look on Snapchat and has secured lead singing/acting roles in the upcoming comedy series 'Food Porn Hotline' as well as a voice-over role portraying herself in cartoon form in 'Dudes from Earth'. No doubt, her energy will resonate for a long time to come.

"Music can change how you feel in one note," she leaves. "I want to help people feel.”

About nova renay


As if she just crash landed on this planet from some far away galaxy, you can't help but notice Nova Renay when she walks into a room...

Purple hair dazzling and otherworldly style on point, her presence reverberates on a level commensurate with her extensive vocal range.
Most importantly, that force immediately and infectiously transfers to the world from the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, and one-half of Parker Lane.

"I feel energy," she exclaims. "I also give off a lot of energy. Not only does this make things interesting in everyday life in terms of the connections I make to myself and others, but I can harness energy to make listeners feel something as a performer. I emit energy that's pure, honest, and uniquely me."